Platform Features

Automated C-SCRM

TestifySec Judge Automates the Collection, Distribution, Trust, and Evaluation of Artifact Evidence.

Signed Evidence

Automated Attestation

Judge integrates with GRC and CI/CD tools to automate the process of attestation of the onboarding, testing, and deployment process. Judge combines attestations from external organizations with internal attestations to ensure flow down requirements are met.

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Policy Engine

Compliance as Code

Judge includes a rego based policy engine that allows administrators to define rules to be enforced by the platform. We provide rule templates that cover the majority of most compliance controls, significantly reducing manual compliance workload on security and compliance teams.

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Evidence Verification

Continuous Monitoring

Judge combines external risk information with data from internal processes to provide you with a real-time risk assessment and alerting. Attestation data protects your enterprise against hidden vulnerabilities such as Log4Shell

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Extensible and Free

Open Source

Our open source project, witness, is the engine that provides the security model for the platform. It is extensible and free to use. Our APIs are available for your team to integrate with internal systems.

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TestifySec Judge Provides Visibility into the Security of Your Inventory

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